Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Evaluation 4: Technologies.

Evaluation 3: What i have learned from my audience.

On the 6th of january I have published my rough edit on youtube and on facebook to recive any feedback on it before i publish my final edit.

This statistics show many people have watched my rough edit and how many people gave a thump up on it. I got 208 views on it and four thumbs up.

A friend of mine has replied and gave me some resons as I have posted the video on facebook.
Hey, I have just watched your music video, but you need to explain me what you did. Is that a school project or did you do it just for fun? And what is the story behind it? There are really good shots and ideas in it, but I have to say I did not really understand what the plot or the idea behind it was.

Actual edit:

To get better audience feedback i have asked a few people to state their opinion on my music video. This helps me more than just youtube statistics.

Overall I think I got much positiv audience feedback on my music video. If I had time I would change a few things such as the wave scene.